Bush: “I Just Bought a $3 Million Dollar House — How’s the Rest of America Doin’?”

2713556535_a7400a66f9_m.jpgHere’s the Ex-Decider, using the collapse of the US economy as a punchline.

Bush joked that he’d need more such engagements to pay for the house his wife, Laura, bought without him seeing it. "I actually paid for a house last fall," he told the crowd. "I think I’m the only American to have bought a house in the fall of 2008."

HAHAHA! Everyone’s screwed financially except me!

Good one, George.

For the record, that $3M house the Bushes bought is a cozy 8,500 square feet — at a time when working people all over the country have been reduced to living in tents.

The ex-president seemed to enjoy himself in the question-and-answer session, saying he was prepared to stay all day. "I’m flattered people even want to hear me in the first place."

Nice to see that, despite wrecking the country, W. has kept his sense of humor.

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