St. Paddy’s Day wish for AIG and the rest of the vandals and berserkers and barbarians still holding sway from the era o’Bushie…a curse still in play.
To the vandals of AIG and their minions near and far,
May the spirit of the Irish come crap upon your car.

You destroyed the American economy and now you whine
Oooh, oooh, them bonuses must be mine.

Yet while your eyes widen and your conniving brains spin
We’ve people living in tents and praying for regular meals ag’in.

‘Tis a good time to be Irish or living with one, too.
’cause then I can take this moment to send this wish to you…

All of you, you know who you are.
Your craven greed and recklessness and avarice runs beyond the bar

of human decency and there should be just reward.
Not bonuses and big bucks lives, but a coat of feathers, richly tarred.

Yes, on this day of St. Paddy’s here is my wish for the likes of you.
An indictment from Fitzgerald and the sting of his shillelagh, too.
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