In the first independent poll conducted this year on the issue, Americans are firmly and overwhelmingly in support of not only the Employee Free Choice Act, but of workers’ rights and of labor in general.

Here’s what Gallup found:

  • 53% support "a new law that would make it easier for labor unions to organize workers."
  • 55% say it’s "important" for Congress to pass "a new law that would make it easier for labor unions to organize workers."

What does this mean, besides the fact that Americans stand firmly behind the Employee Free Choice Act? It also shows that despite a multi-million dollar campaign by corporate interests to lie about the bill and smear working people, the public wants the Employee Free Choice Act. We found the same to be true when the same corporate interests tried and failed to influence the 2008 election.

The fact that only 3% of those surveyed had no opinion on the issue shows that there aren’t many people out there to convince, one way or the other. Americans simply like unions, and that view is concrete.

The poll also showed that more people need to hear more about the Employee Free Choice Act. Please take a minute to tell your friends and family about our campaign.

The 14-point majority also becomes even more impressive with a quick look at the phrasing of Gallup’s questions. Gallup used a less-than-neutral phrase, "labor unions to organize workers," in its survey – with no further elaboration on the benefits of unions or the Employee Free Choice Act. If anything, this shows that our opposition’s demonization of "big bad labor unions" has no effect whatsoever.

It’ll be interesting to see how these front groups try to dismiss or spin these Gallup numbers. The similarity in numbers between responses to both questions shows that there’s a strong internal validity to this poll.

But given the fact that our opposition has had no prior qualms in merely making stuff up, we’re pretty excited to see what kind of imaginative spin they’ll come up with.

But while Americans do know what unions can do to improve their lives, the poll also showed that 39% of Americans don’t know much about the Employee Free Choice Act. Be sure to take a moment to tell your friends about Free Choice and this new Gallup poll.

You can read Gallup’s write-up on this poll here, or watch editor-in-chief Dr. Frank Newport discuss the poll’s findings.