Top o’ the Normin’ to Ya!

Top  o’ the Normin’  to Ya!

While we wait for the three judges of the Election Contest Court to issue their ruling (and start the process of opening ballots), here are some little news tidbits for you (and a really ugly hat for Norm) on this Saint Paddy’s Day:

— The Coleman camp and its allies and backers, as has been documented often over the past week, have been venting their spleens in finest kill-the-messenger mode on the slight figure of Adria Richards.   Richards is the Minneapolis IT consultant who found the Coleman website vulnerability, and the database with the Coleman donors’ credit-card information, back in January, but whose warnings about the vulnerability were not effectively acted upon by the Coleman camp until after they were warned again last week — and after Wikileaks released an edited version of the database.  Contrary to the fond wishes of some, neither Ms. Richard nor Wikileaks is in any sort of legal trouble for revealing the security vulnerability.  Coleman, however, is in trouble for 1) keeping the credit-card info for more than 48 hours, 2) failing to act right away when told of the breach six weeks ago, and 3) failing to tell his donors about the breach when he was made aware of it six weeks ago.

—  Will Norm Coleman really be the next RNC Chair?  Contradictory reports are flying back and forth.

— If you Tweet or Twitter, or even if you don’t, you can get a heads-up on the latest developments via the UpTake’s Twitter account.  Tweet!

— Speaking of Twitter:  The Pioneer Press‘ Rachel Stassen-Berger does a tweet (okay, okay, post) debunking the rumor that Norm’s spent $25 million on the recount and contest.  He has, however, spent $25 million on the entire campaign, pre- and post-election, per Stassen-Berger.

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