I am new to this realm of online reporting and commentary, but the article today:

What Yoo Hath Wrought: The ICRC Report on US Torture
Posted By: looseheadprop (Monday March 16, 2009 12:15 pm)

Got my back up along with the article on Obama’s outrage over the AIG megamillion bonus jackpot being paid out by us taxpayers.

The fact is that as outrageous as the payoff is to AIG – the revelations by Seymour Hersh about secret assassination and hit squads run out of Cheney’s office and this ICRC report creates an undeniable opportunity for Obama to be truly outraged ao take that outrage to where it belongs.

The giant murderous elephant in the room is the Republican administration’s wasting of Trillions on insane and sick wars and programs like the black sites and renditions and institutionalized torture and no bid KBR/Halliburton, Dyncorp and Blackwater ad nauseum contracts whioh have left this country and most of the world bankrupt and out of resources (I mean just how much oil do we use per day in Iraq, just for jets to get our soldiers there and back, not to mention bombing runs and surveillance? Humvees and convoys stuck in the quagmire of desert and mud and the blood of Americans and civilians.

My title for this diary entry here is the headline I WISH we would see: Obama is OUTRAGED over the crimes against humanity of the previous thugs in the White House. The fact is that in 1945 the Bushes and Oil Companies and Wall Street banks got away with their treasonous support of Hitler and IGFarben. In the 1990’s the Bushes got away with the treasonous Iran-Cocaine-Contra crime and murder spree and now we are faced with the propsect that the "forward looking" Obama (or is he just hiding his eyes and looking the other way because he is a "pragmatist" and because it is politically "expedient") will let these henous acts go unpunished and allow the current crop of Bushes and treasonous bastards like Cheney et al to continue to thrive and revel in their crimes and their bloodsoaked profits which bankrupt our nation and bloodied the world while tarnishing every value of freedom and justice we hold dear.

I wanted my first diary here to be called "CSI:1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC". Because the White House and the emails and the reports REQUIRE a forensic crime scene approach by the Obama federal law enforcement and intelligence teams.

Obama swore an oath on inauguration day to protect us from ALL enemies: foreign and Domestic. right now it is our domestic enemies who are the most dangerous. They MUST be turned over to the international criminal courts for war crimes. The time to act is NOW.

Obama: these crimes against humanity have created the economic and global humanitarian and environmental CRISIS we are now in. Where is your OUTRAGE at those whose crimes were against AMERICA and ALL humanity? Whose crimes were soaked in blood and greed and not just in greed like the current treasury thieves at AIG?

NOW is the time for outrgae at these crimes against humanity. NOW i8s the time to order AG Holder to do EVERYTHING possible to prosecute these men for treason, torture and crimes against humanity.

If not now, when?

If not YOU, then WHO?