The former Senator Blo-And-Go

While we wait for the Election Contest Court to issue its rulings on this case, here are a few appetizers to keep you occupied:

— Per Jennifer Whigham at The UpTake (first noted in the live blog at the 2:16 mark today), Mike McIntee talked to Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann round about two o’clock this afternoon. Gelbmann has put in a request with the panel — after they issue their ruling, he’s asked for four business days to prepare for opening ballots. (Arrrgh!) My guess is that they want to give the county boards, which are already overworked as it is, plenty of time to get the ballots shipped to St. Paul. Still, it seems to be an awfully generous time allotment. We’ll soon see.

The Big E on The Impending Martyrdom of Norm Coleman. (The Big E gets why Norm’s people have been trashing the recount process and in fact the Minnesota election process in general: Because they know they’re going to lose. Sour grapes on an epic scale.)

— (h/t to puravida) I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors, but Norm might be the next RNC Chair. This is not as loopy as it sounds — Norm is so in hock to the GOP, literally and figuratively, that he wouldn’t dare stick his neck out by deviating from the script they give him, which would make him a welcome change from Michael Steele. He would be the model employee.

Mark Ritchie is not planning to use his widely-praised work on the election and recount as a springboard to higher office. Which in one way is good, but in another way helps clear out a somewhat crowded field for the decidedly lackluster St. Paul mayor Chris (no relation to Norm) Coleman, who scuttlebutt around town suggests that he thinks he can use his work to get the RNC to St. Paul as a selling point for the governorship. I don’t think so — not when the legal bills start rolling in. Even the multi-million-dollar insurance policy won’t cover all of those. And it’s hard to argue that St. Paul got any of that promised economic benefit when several restaurant owners are complaining, loudly, about the lack of business that resulted from a week where the conventiongoers were briskly hustled into buses that whisked them well away from the teargas and protests to places like downtown Minneapolis for their meals. Hey, Chris — we dumped one DINO mayor recently, and we can do it again. Do not pass Go, do not collect free shot at governorship.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman