16 Mar 2009

zomg! obama’s numbers are falling! except they’re not! again!

once again, the hardly-ever-right wing spins hard to make obama’s numbers look worse than they are.

16 Mar 2009

Late Late Nite FDL: Bullshit

New video from Kansas City’s SSION, Bullshit. Pretty well sums up the days news in a nutshell. Don’t forget there are things you can do. Teddy has a fine action post detailing how you may join folks all over the country who are ready to take back the economy. And don’t forget firedoglake will be delivering our petition to Congress when Barney Frank’s House Financial Services Committee holds a hearing

16 Mar 2009

Worst Penthouse Letter to the Editor. Ever.

I would not be doing my job (this fake night time one that you are currently soaking in) if I did not give all due credit to Brad DeLong for excavating this wonderful nugget of Douthat-iana:

16 Mar 2009

Hunton & Williams replies to my questions regarding partner D. Kyle Sampson’s leave. Sort of.

Last week, I posted a diary regarding David Addington’s inability to find a job and D. Kyle Sampson’s leave of absence last December as a partner at Hunton & Williams. Included in that post was an email – to which I haven’t yet received a reply – that I sent to Eleanor Kerlow, Senior Public Relations Manager, Hunton & Williams, regarding the firm’s employment of Mr. Sampson. However, Ms. Kerlow, or someone else from Hunton & Williams, did stop by my blog the other day to read my post.

16 Mar 2009

Pardon me, but will you kindly f**k off?

cross-posted at DailyKos This has been a rather annoying Monday. The ether absconded with a project I've been working on, which I was able to relatively hastily reproduce ahead of deadline. That was enough. Then, out of the blue, I get an email from someone I don't know at my

16 Mar 2009

Mr. Steele, Is Our Republican Leaders Learning?

Then again, they are kind of slow on the uptake.

16 Mar 2009

The Hidden Terror’s Hidden Links

The unprovoked attack by a stranger on a farm family sent shock waves throughout the whole of Minnesota two years ago. Michael Zabawa drove his truck into a ditch one snowy night and then went to the nearest farmhouse for help — and left a husband and son dead, a mother and wife badly injured. No one had the foggiest idea why anyone would do such a heinous thing.

But Jon Tevlin of the Minneapolis StarTribune has discovered some unsettling information about Michael Zabawa — information I had never before seen or heard in the two years this case has been in the public eye locally. Michael’s father, Donald Zabawa, was deeply involved in right-wing terror groups throughout the 1980s and 1990s, including the Posse Comitatus, the Christian Patriots Defense League, and the Christian Identity movement led by James Wickstrom, who he counted as a friend.

16 Mar 2009

Feingold to Explore Action to Stop AIG Bonuses

In a gymnasium full of retirees, workers, educators and fourth-graders, U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis) said he was exploring what legal action could be taken to halt bonuses to AIG executives.

At one of his listening sessions, this time at Brass Community Elementary School, Feingold heard from a number of unhappy citizens who called the bonuses outrageous.

16 Mar 2009

Julian Bond supports LGBT rights and slams black homophobia at HRC dinner

Why can’t we clone NAACP’s Julian Bond and Rep. John Lewis? These are two black men deeply involved with the civil rights movement who get it when it comes to civil equality — it’s not a zero-sum game. Chris Johnson of HRC Back Story has a post, “NAACP National Chairman

16 Mar 2009

AIG Still Set to Pay $1 Billion in Bonuses; Gibbs: We’ll Get Back to You on That

I was on ABC’s Politics Live with Rick Klein and Jonathan Karl today, talking about the questions that surround the AIG bonus deal cut by Timothy Geithner. In today’s press conference, Jake Tapper raises many of these same questions with Robert Gibbs, namely — why didn’t the Treasury force AIG to break these contracts three weeks ago before they agreed to give them $30 billion more in TARP funds?