News of any kind has been scant in the imprisonment in Iran of Roxana Saberi. Today, her father has told Fargo’s Forum newspaper that the next three days will be critical toward the goal of her release.

Roxana Saberi grew up and attended schools in Fargo-Moorhead and began her journalism career here, one she continued while studying for her master’s degree in Tehran. Now, that reporting may have led to her imprisonment these past six weeks.

The Saberi family attorney will be trying to determine if any actions have been taken in her case by Iranian officials. The Iranian New Year is approaching and Saberi’s father says if no action is taken before that, she will be spending at least two more weeks in the prison.

Human Rights Watch and professional journalists’ organizations as well as global media have appealed for her release. The family is also trying to work through the Japanese Embassy (Roxana’s mother is Japanese).

For the Saberi family, the waiting is not idle…but it continues….
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