Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden hosted a fund raiser in Little Rock for Plantation Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln‘s 2010 reelection bid. Let’s take a look at a few self defeating reasons this might not be such a good idea, shall we?

We know Senator Lincoln refuses to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

And they aren’t all backing it: Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson said Tuesday he does not support the bill, and other moderate Democrats, particularly Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, have also expressed reservations. For EFCA to pass, all of these Democrats must come on board, along with one Republican – most likely Pennsylvanian Arlen Specter, who backed the bill last year but whose support this time around is far from certain.

We know she is working like a member of the old Gang of Fourteen in deference to big coal.

In a letter delivered to the Senate Budget Committee yesterday, eight Democratic senators joined 25 Republicans to defend the GOP’s right to set a 60-vote margin for passing emissions limits."We oppose using the budget process to expedite passage of climate legislation," the senators, including eight centrist Democrats, wrote in their missive…..Late Update: The eight Democratic senators who signed on to the letter are Robert Byrd (WV), Blanche Lincoln (AR), Ben Nelson (NE), Evan Bayh (IN), Mark Pryor (AR), Bob Casey (PA), Carl Levin (MI), and Mary Landrieu (LA).

And you can bet your bottom dollar seventh generation Arkansas farming family member, Agro committee member Blanche, opposes President Obama’s reasonable proposal to reduce the massive subsidy payments to rich farmers.

In late February, Obama proposed a three-year phase-out of the direct-payment subsidy to farms with more than $500,000 a year in sales, a $250,000 cap on all payments per farm, a reduction in crop insurance subsidies and an end to cotton storage payments. The greatest attention has gone to the proposed cut in direct payments, which would save $9.6 billion over 10 years, or one-fifth of the usual outlays.

These are just a few of the self defeating reasons Plantation Dems need to be ignored at best. The Arkansas Democratic party is as protectionist as they come. Blanche has no apparent challenge in her primary race and the biggest threat the Arkansas Republicans can muster is of all people, Karl Rove’s buddy, Tim Griffin. Yet Vice President Biden appears to be willing fund the very Democrats who will vote to make the administration and the country fail.

So what are you really for Mr. Vice President, fat farmers subsidies, American labor, clean environment and a modern energy policy? Or are you just a little bit smitten with the southern belle charm which stabs your administration in the back with alarming frequency these days?

Should have said, "Sorry Blanche, my dance card is full tonight."

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs