Geez-Louise, I’m late to discovering this valuable news from the Traditional Values Coalition!

Getting It RightMarch 12, 2009 – Today is the official launch of “Getting It Right,” a Web log or “blog” from the Traditional Values Coalition.

Getting It Right ( is yet another way that TVC can keep you, our loyal supporters, up to speed on what is happening in Washington on a daily basis. The culture wars do not rest and neither do we, and the blog will provide you with a fast and efficient means of staying current on the issues that matter to you most.

We’ve made it even easier by allowing you either to subscribe to blog updates via email or through an RSS feed. Either way, you’re guaranteed to get the news the moment we publish it.

What incredible stories will Ms. Lafferty tell us? What super-d-duper insight will we all be afforded to us — to broaden our simple and humble lives?

Well, here’s some examples from the blog (all written by TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty!):

March 11th, 2009: Obama Signs Executive Order Overturning Embryonic Stem Cell Ban

President Barack Hussein Obama continues his war on the unborn by signing an Executive Order (EO) overturning former President Bush’s ban on the use of new embryonic stem cells for research.

…In his speech, Obama claimed the following: “Promoting science isn’t just about providing resources – it’s also about protecting free and open inquiry. It’s about letting scientists like those who are here today do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it’s inconvenient – especially when it’s inconvenient. It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda – and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.”

This statement truly reflects his ultra-liberal position against the right to life. He is playing to the deep-left pro-abortion crowd. There’s no reason for him to say that scientific data is distorted to serve a political agenda or that it should never be based on ideology – only on facts – because life and the preservation of life covers a wide range of decisions.

Those of us in the pro-life movement are deeply troubled that Obama would target human embryos for experimentation. What he has set in motion is embryo harvesting – and a whole industry designed to gather human embryos for deliberate destruction. Women will be selling their embryos for this grisly new industry…

Hmm. This sounds pretty bad — this apparently planned embryo harvesting industry, described as grisly by someone as wise as Andrea Lafferty…well, you just know some evil liberal (like George Soros maybe?) is working behind the scenes to fund this nefarious industry!!

[Below the fold, more wisdom from the TVC blog]March 11, 2009: Obama To Submit American Military To International Criminal Court?

Don’t be shocked when it happens. Under internationalist Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, it is likely that our U.S. Armed Forces will be forced to submit themselves to the authority of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged “war crimes.”

This nightmare scenario is already taking shape…

Ah, got it. Nightmares can be pretty gosh darn frightening.

March 11, 2009: Why Do Liberals Hate Inner City Kids In D.C.?

I thought liberals loved minority and poor children and wanted to spend billions of dollars to help them get a better education? I guess I was wrong.

The monster omnibus spending bill ($410 billion at last count) has a section in it that phases out President Bush’s school voucher program for inner city kids in Washington, D.C. The program had helped 1,700 poor children escape bad public schools so they could attend private schools where they were actually being educated. Each child received a $7,500 annual scholarship.

These kids had “hope” and they were looking forward to “change” as well. Democrats, however, are permitting this wonderful voucher program to expire. Is this the hope and change promised by Obama? …

Oooooh. Liberals hate all kids, and want kids to grow up stupid and ignorant. Damn liberals!

Well, I’ve learned a lot, reading this new blog! Can’t wait until next week’s missives — I really want to read some of Andrea Lafferty’s fresh and original thoughts about that Homosexual Agenda®! — I hear them she-males and homoSEXuals need to knock off all that evil!



Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen