I have always loved school and am glad that I have always been around other kids. I am not sure how I feel about this court ruling, but I wonder if the judge asked the kids.

I like the questions that Nate asks. My only other addition is to ask if the judge would make a parent stop sending kids to an evolution-hating school run by fundamentalists.


Recently, a judge in Raleigh, N.C. ordered three kids who were being home-schooled to attend public school instead. The issue arose in a divorce proceeding where the father wanted the kids to go to public school, and the mother wanted to continue home-schooling her children. I have not had the opportunity to read the case itself, but if you’re interested in reading more, click here.

Apparently the problem was that the kids were receiving a creationist focused education when it came to science. However, the kids were also testing two years above their grade level. So that begs the question, why were they forced to go to public school? I don’t believe in creationism, but it does seem to me that no matter what they are learning, if they are testing two years above their grade level, then home-schooling seems to be working out.

My greater concern, though, is: when is it okay to home-school? The lesson here is that if a judge disagrees with the curriculum, then he can order the kids to public school. Not enough math? Too much math? Not enough structure? Not reading the right books? Cases like these can be slippery slopes.

What do you think? Did the judge make the right decision? Is it okay for parents to home-school their children?

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