For school districts across the country, the hits just keep on coming in a very long, very hard season of layoffs.

Over 1000 pinks slips went out in the fifteen districts of Santa Clara County, California (the San Jose area). 122 in Boise, Idaho. Western districts are feeling the pinch, as demonstrated by the 8,843 layoff warnings that went out in Los Angeles. Midwestern districts are getting squeezed, like Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Southern districts aren’t immune, like Charlotte, North Carolina. Up in the snow belt, Pontiac, Michigan is taking a real hit. 

Some of these announcements are a "worst case scenario." Districts have to announce who might get let go for next year now, but may end up hiring some of them back in June or July when the budget becomes clearer. Even so, this "worst case scenario" is worse than anyone has seen in a long, long time. 

Rich districts, poor districts, my district, your district . . . 

But look on the bright side. The FDIC didn’t have to take over any banks yesterday.

Update: The Obama stimulus funds are helping to keep these layoffs from being even worse. Unless, of course, you live in South Carolina

Remember that adorable, brave little girl sitting next to Michelle Obama during Barack’s first State of the Union address? She wrote in movingly, hauntingly to ask that her falling-down “school” provided by the state be brought up to code.

South Carolina Governor and professional racist Mark Sanford’s decision to turn down $500 million in education funds means that 7,500 teachers in SC will get laid off and schools like Ty’sheoma’s where classes have to stop several times a day when the train rolls by, shaking and rattling the school ain’t getting fixed anytime soon. Sanford is planning to turn down $700 million dollars of Recovery Act funding in all for reasons that just don’t make sense . . .

(Click through the link for video.)



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