Well, someone’s claimed responsibility for that incredibly offensive, Twin Cities blood drive flier that called gay men the other f-word — a flier that also used Jennifer Gale’s name for the non-existent church for the location of this faux blood drive. Over at the NGBlog, a person posted the following under the webhandle jamesplumeria (emphais added):

The Red Cross flyers seen around the Twin Cities were posted by Humans Opposed to Medical Oppression (H.O.M.O). We are not a transphobic or homophobic group. We are comprised of hetero, queer, trans, and allies. We included “Jennifer Gale” as a nod to the transwoman who died from exposure when shelters would not let her in.

This action was done to bring awareness to the long standing ban on gay men’s blood donation by the FDA and the Red Cross. If the American Red Cross was actually concerned about the health and safety of the general public and about “saving a life” they would overturn their homophobic policies, publicly support comprehensive sexual education and actually educate the public about infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS with culturally appropriate information and statistics.

Jennifer Gale was a homeless, transgender woman who died of exposure in Texas — as jamesplumeria appears to acknowledge, her death had nothing to do with blood transfusions.

My personal message to James Plumeria and H.O.M.O. (assuming the name and/or the organization are real entities) is as follows:

I cannot tell you how much, as both a trans woman activist and as an LGBT new media reporter, how absolutely offended I am by your use of Jennifer Gale’s death for your unrelated-to-her-death cause.

I don’t appriciate you hijacking lesbian, gay, bisexual, or especially transgender people’s deaths to make your thick-witted, malapropos points.

Frankly, your’s and your group’s tactics cause me to want to vomit.

It’s pretty frustrating that this time it appears to be some radical queer provocateurs in our own lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community who are the ones behaving in such a repellent, objectionable manner. Frankly, I think this group of radical queer provocateurs are just a bunch of jackasses.

I said before, and I’ll say it again in relationship to this flier: It’s a sick, sad world we live in sometimes.



* Twin Cities’ TV Station Almost, But Not Quite, Caught Just How Truly Offensive This Flier Was

Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen