Why won’t he just go away?

In his first television interview since leaving office, former Vice President Dick Cheney will appear Sunday, March 15 exclusively on State of the Union with John King. The live, in-studio interview will air in the 9 a.m. hour.

Chief national correspondent and anchor John King will conduct a wide-ranging interview covering the anniversary of the Iraq war, the threat of a nuclear Iran, the ailing economy and more. King will also get Cheney’s impressions of the Obama administration and his thoughts on former President George W. Bush.

Don’t everyone stampede for the TIVO at once.

Hmmmm– talking about the economy, eh? Perhaps John King should ask Cheney if he still thinks that "he doesn’t see signs on the horizon of a significant economic slowdown" like he said didn’t see them back in 2007. Or whether he still think the Bush handling of the economy was a success.

Since Cheney sat in on all the economic meetings of import, by his own account, perhaps he can explain his rose-colored wrongness during the interview? Or whether he still puts a lot of stock in the advice of "Lawrence Kudlow, John Makin, Wayne Angell, and Allen Sinai."

Wonder if John King will have the balls to ask Dick about the lack of a Scooter pardon?

Or King could just say the word Youngstown, then point and laugh a lot. That could at least be deliciously awkward.

Of course, CNN has to keep up with the spin that Bush/Cheney acolytes have been shoveling to FauxNews:

Cheney has acquired a BlackBerry since leaving office, the source said, and he’s programmed his grandchildren’s spring sports schedules into it.

In recent days the former vice president has held "small luncheons" to "invite people to talk about current events — both on the economic front and on national security issues," the source said. "He follows what’s happening very closely."

Cheney is expected to publish two memoirs focusing on his time in the White House and the 40 years he spent serving four presidents. The former vice president has signed with the Harry Walker Agency to pursue various speaking opportunities.

"Various speaking opportunities." Call Ticketmaster…stat.

I’m not certain who is worse: Dick Cheney or Joe Lieberman. They are both like that smell in the bottom of your garbage can after a bag springs a leak. No matter how many cans of Lysol you drain, it just keeps on lingering in its musty ole way. Blergh.

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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