I’m glad Timothy Kinkaid of the Box Turtle Bulletin is following the details of this Uganda Ex-Gay Conference story.

Kinkaid found an article in the Christian Post, entitled Sexuality Expert: Uganda Anti-Gay Seminar Takes Wrong Approach. In the article, Dr. Warren Throckmorton expresses his concern, and…

…finds it troubling that the American Christian leaders spoke at a conference that supports the criminalization of homosexuality and that none of them had reportedly publicly opposed the law. He noted that the people in charge of the conference called for stricter enforcement of laws against homosexuality.

“It is illegal to be homosexual in Uganda. There’s also a category of homosexuality (act) that has a potential for life imprisonment,” said Throckmorton to The Christian Post on Wednesday. “How often it is enforced is not clear.”

Adding to Exodus International’s questionable participation in this conference (where Defend the Family International’s Scott Lively says it is good for the government of Uganda to criminalize homosexuality, and the Ugandan government should consider subjecting the criminals of homosexuality to a therapy rather than imprisoning them) is Alan Chambers, President of Exodus, making a statement for the Christian Post article indicating he and Exodus International are not apologetic for the participation in the conference:

In response, Exodus International said it applauds its board member Don Schmierer, who attended the Uganda conference, for his effort to convey an “alternative message that encompasses a compassionate, biblical view of homosexuality,” according to a statement by Exodus International president Alan Chambers to The Christian Post on Wednesday.

Exodus says neither Schmierer nor the ministry agrees or endorses Uganda’s criminalization of homosexuality law, imprisonment of homosexuals or compulsory therapy. Rather, the ministry says it “unequivocally denounces” the positions the government of Uganda has towards homosexuality.

The full statement:

“Unfortunately, Uganda as a country has demonstrated severe hostility towards homosexuals supporting criminalization of homosexual behavior and proposing compulsory therapy – positions that Exodus International unequivocally denounces. It is our sincere desire to offer an alternative message that encompasses a compassionate, biblical view of homosexuality not just here in America, but around the world. We applaud our board member’s attempt to convey these truths to a country in need.”

I’m in agreement with Kincaid’s statement on the comment:

…it would seem that Alan doesn’t know the meaning of the word “unequivocally”.

Kincaid also posted Scott Lively’s response in regarding his comments at the conference:

I did promote therapy as an option to imprisonment, citing my own experience benefiting from optional therapy after an arrest for drunk driving many years ago. In fact, it was during that period I accepted Christ and was spontaneously healed of alcoholism and drug addiction.

I don’t think under the circumstances homosexuality should be decriminalized in Uganda since it seems to be the only thing stopping the international “gay” juggernaut from turning Uganda into another Brazil.

I don’t often say I’m appalled by something, but I find the whole of the circumstances surrounding the American participation this Ugandan Ex-Gay Conference to be pretty appalling.  



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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen