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Churches Demand Massive LGBT Discrimination In Nigeria

Last night I went back to Manderley, our nickname for my gloomy home. Only one lamp was on, in a downstairs room, to light my way in. I flipped on a few more lights in the cool damp and dropped into a chair at my old desk to catch up on some matierials that a friend handed to me on my way to Schiphol, the airport in Amsterdam, when I left for the States.

I looked at the papers that I had been given, reading as I lit a cigarette and sipped now-cold coffee that I bought for the drive out here when I landed in NYC. As I began reading, the typewritten words on the documents told a horrific story that seemed to lend a deeper chill to the room as I considered the implications of the events that they recounted.

The Churches in Nigeria are at it again, with an even worse set of anti-gay laws than last time. This one included “Night and Fog” provisions to conduct anti-gay sweeps and mass arrests.

Rather than bore everyone with details that they remember from the previous set of anti-gay laws, here are commentaries from them from two human rights groups:

Amnesty International:

If passed, the bill would give license to the authorities to raid public or private gatherings of any group of people they suspect to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The measure would also increase the risk of violence and other acts of discrimination against individuals who are suspected of being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

“It is simply unacceptable to single out one group of people to be deprived of the rights we all enjoy,” said Aster Van Kregten, Amnesty International’s Nigeria researcher. “Legalising discrimination is reprehensible in itself and can only promote acts of hatred.”

Human Rights Watch:

“This bill masquerades as a law on marriage, but in fact it violates the privacy of anyone even suspected of an intimate relationship with a person of the same sex,” said Georgette Gagnon, Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “It also threatens basic freedoms by punishing human rights defenders who speak out for unpopular causes.”

Archbishop Peter Akinola, the man who incited the murder of 660 Muslims and to whom American Conservative Episcopalians look to for “moral leadership,” (The recently removed Bishop of Pittsburgh is one of his adherents) arranged to have bus loads of supporters descend upon the hearings

More interesting to my tired eyes, a spokesperson for the Roman Catholic Church testified. Rev Patrick Alumake told the National Assembly the top leadership of the Catholic church in Nigeria supported the bill wholeheartedly.

“There are wild, weird, ways of life that are affecting our own culture very negatively, we have people who either by way of the media or travelling around the world have allowed new ideas which are harmful to our nation and our belief,” he said. 

I closed the folder with the papers after reading about children brought to the hearings to line the aisles while wearing vile anti-gay t-shirts.

When the first set of anti-gay laws were introduced in Nigeria, I wrote, through my character Bridget, “Tis war dhey declared 'pon Lesbeens an' gay men. Th' cold war tis over an' the real war has begun.”

Yes, it is war that they have declared upon us. And, the Churches involved in this atrocity have presences in the United States that support the African Churches. Further, the leadership of these Churches have NOT been repudiated by their American brothers.

“Love the sinner” is now proven to be simply a platitude and a lie.

Both the Roman Catholc Church and the Anglican Churches that follow Akinola are committed to a huge persecution of LGBT's wherever and whenever they have the power to leverage governments to unleash officially sanctioned horrors upon us.

I've known this, based upon previous statements, for some time. But to see a senior Catholic official commit the Catholic Church to an official policy of persecution that would make Oliver Cromwell's actions in Ireland look halfhearted by comparasion was simply stunning, Rome tends to cover its' tracks better.

Any American Episcopalian Church that has broken away to follow Uganda or Nigeria is complicit in a policy that incites violence against LGBT's and sanctions their imprisonment for such a multitude of offences that simply splitting the rent on an apartment is now a crime.

Any figure in the Roman Catholic heirarchy is now a conspirator in the “Night and Fog” roundup and imprisonment of gays and Lesbians on suspicion alone.

Whatever moral leadership that these two groups or ANY of their allies in the anti-gay crusade here in the states claimed has evaporated. I intend, and I beg, beseech and implore you to join me,  to commit to tying these official outrages to Catholic and Anglican leadership here each and every time that they speak out against us, or claim that they do not oppose our rights, or that they simply “Wish to preserve (insert constitutional right here) for the God-given purpose”

Because, my brothers and sisters, that is not really their agenda.

They made their agenda patently clear in the hearings in Nigeria last week through official spokespeople.

They intend, in their actions and efforts, to ultimately implement our destruction.

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