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When are Obama’s Feet Going to be Held to the Fire?

First there was the same arguments the Bush DOJ put forth regarding ‘State Secrets’.

The wholesale rejection of Hama’s in negotiations was foretold in his AIPAC speech but people thought it was just something necessarily said to gain election.

Certainly the backing of Geithner and Summers ‘plans’ speak to an unwillingness to be truly courageous and take the necessary steps to protect the U.S. working class taxpayer.

While Obama’s approach certainly isn’t a ‘let them eat cake’ statement, his willingness to ‘compromise’ to achieve ‘change’ isn’t one that would lead his Admin to be a ‘Profile in Courage’.

Now, the Obama Admin is claiming that the Copyright Treaty being negotiated is ‘classified’ and not subject to Freedom of Information requests.

Nor do we hear him speaking out to have the FED release the information of who has received funding from it.

I remember many saying he’s going to change once he’s elected; yeah,right.
That’s why his DOJ is defending Rumsfield from charges of torture

Add to that the plan to release Guantanamo prisoners to Saudi Arabia, a nation known to torture prisoners.

Add to that his opposition to ‘single payer’ healthcare.

So, now that McCain isn’t the President, again, I ask, "when are Obama’s feet going to be held to the fire?

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