From the glaadBlog:

In Los Angeles this week, we have with us dozens of activists attending the “Global Arc of Justice: LGBT Rights Law Around the World Conference,” organized by the Williams Institute at UCLA and the International Lesbian and Gay Law Association.

Among the activists are many from Mexico and Latin America. Peruvian activists called our attention to a shocking case that took place in Tarapot, in the North, where a “junta vecinal” or neighborhood watch vigilante type of group took it upon themselves to find and punish Techi, a transgender woman and alleged prostitute. They took off her clothes, cut her hair, beat and threatened her. And all of this in front of a news crew they’d invited to chronicle the attack.

Amnesty International issued an urgent action after activists called attention to the case. Please take a moment to watch the video. We salute our brave friends in Peru and the rest of Latin America and the world as they fight for equal rights.

The video is below the fold. Content warning: The video is very violent and shocking.

Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen