Atlas needs a little help with his shrugging

I’m going  to turn this post over to reader Jim G. who did a simple google search on one of Dr. Mrs. Ole Perfesser’s Goin’ Galt Guests.

By way of introduction on our subject Byron Price, from Roy:

Then here come our special guests! Engineering consultant Byron Price, web designer Lindsay Rae Fauba, and Eric Bruner, a college student. Dr. Smith says they’re "three brave souls" because "we had a lot of people writing in saying, you know, I might get fired, the Obama thugs might come after me." The panelists seem unrattled.

Price wants to "define going Galt in my mind." He means "rejecting the philosphy of altruism and the idea that man is a sacrificial animal. And so what these people are doing — I don’t know if they’re doing it consciously or subconsciously — but they’re rejecting the idea that their productivity, the fruits of their labor, can be disbursed to other individuals through taxation or what have you."

Dr. Smith asks if he’s a Randian; he says he’s not a "hundred percenter." Nonetheless he says "I incorporate her in my life where I can." (Maybe he has a lock of her hair in his wallet.) His plan is to "reduce my taxable income, I’m gonna do it legally, but I’m certainly going to look for other options so I can reduce the amount of federal taxes to the government." So… H&R Block? "It’s immoral," he continues. "We’re not our brother’s keeper, we don’t belong to the state…" For a non-hundred-percenter, he sure seems to have the lingo down cold. 

Now let’s turn this over to Jim G.:

I probably should have just made this a comment, but I find my own thoughts way too important to slum with those of the masses, yeah, I’m kinda the John Galt of thinking.

I just watched the Dr Helen thing with the 3 Galtists and seeing that the 1st guy, Bryon Price lives near me in Fairfax VA, and realizing he’s a douche with no sense of irony – he calls taxes immoral and then says "I’m not my brothers keeper" without any apparent sense of irony.

So I got curious and googled the guy, here’s his website:

Two things jumped out at me:

1) The guy went to U Missouri, U of Virginia, and VA Tech all state schools paid for in part with immoral tax dollars.

2) The vast majority of the work done by this Galt involve public buildings. He makes his living off of other peoples taxes.

Please tell me you find this as hilarious as I do, and please please please give Byron Price the thread he so richly deserves.

For those not feeling clickish, we see that Bryon’s recent projects include the Chippenham Parkway Excavation Support, the temporary pedestrian bridge at Old Keane Mill Rd, and the Information/Technology Building at University of Maryland, Baltimore….all public works projects. All the type of projects often found in earmarks and paid for with tax dollars.

That must be why Bryon’s not a "hundred percenter". Unless you mean sucking up public funds and then looking for ways to not pay taxes on the public’s money that happens to make up his income… in which case he would be 100% Atlas douchebag.



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