Well, what would you do? If you were the blustering, bloviating, little-hearing, hillbilly-heroin craving ‘Club Parkinson’s’ go-go dancer?

Your political rival for the affections of the club patrons, RNC Chair Michael Steele, just crammed his frug boots in his mouth so unexpectedly that nobody is laughing. And, by nobody, I mean everybody who’s like me.

Lisa DePaulo: Are you saying you think women have the right to choose abortion?

Michael Steele: Yeah. I mean, again, I think that’s an individual choice.

L: You do?

M: Yeah. Absolutely.

Well that was pretty simple; abortion is not a matter of right to life, but one of ‘an individual choice.’ Plenty Americans would agree with that. Just not the rabid Americans that Limbaugh amuses and confuses to the tune of something like $50 million a year. As I’ve written about before, Steele and Limbaugh are not buddies, and Rush came back from some of Steele’s criticism with this:

“Why are you running the Republican Party?” Limbaugh asked on his radio show… “If I were chairman of the Republican Party, given the state that it’s in, I would quit."

So Limbaugh is not likely to laugh this off. But, if you’re he, what eventually do you do with the razor dagger that’s just been handed to you? Well, what can you do–as far as I can tell, he was scheduled to take the next two days off. Not that I believe he’ll let it slide just because, I don’t know, maybe he scored some plane tickets and a new bag of Viagra.

It’s too good an opportunity to miss. My guess is that he won’t pick one of the choices I offered; he’ll pick both. A stand-in host can actually get away with more reckless smack than the banner guy because he’s not really responsible, not ultimately the name on the franchise. The sub can say almost anything, and, upon returning, the host personality can merely say ‘Well, he got a little carried away, didn’t he?’

So what you do is use your stand-in (and hell, no, I’m not looking up who that is) as a stalking horse. You have that guy tear Steele to ribbons. If it’s scoring big, Rush can just show up on Monday and join in. In otherwise cases, hey he didn’t do it, right?

It’s a convenient strategy. And, when I look at Rush Limbaugh, I see someone who loves convenience.

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