The St. Paul Pioneer Press, which endorsed Coleman, headline says it all:

Donors, security experts blast Coleman campaign as credit card numbers show up online

For those of us watching the Coleman-Franken court case in proximity with all the media coverage that has been too obviously pro-Coleman…or rather, anti-Franken…I’m not sure even the right-leaning Minneapolis teevee stations can stomach the stall any more.

Oh, there’s a journeyman subhead: Republican, aides suggest partisan motives in aftermath

But you’d have to be either a muddle-headed partisan or media toady to even give that claim a passing nod.

The tide of inevitability is rising around Coleman just as the rivers hereabouts will be rising soon with the melting snows.

When the cracks start appearing in the media floodwall, you know that’s coming sooner rather than later.

Prairie Sunshine

Prairie Sunshine