large_bristol-palin-tripp-feb14-09.thumbnail.jpgLatest update: Bristol must deal with Levi’s sister Mercede who sold a story to the Star magazine that builds on her My Space scriblings

Umm Im not aloud to see my nefu and my mom isnt either. We arnt palins so there for we are white trash and bristol doesnt want her baby around us.

It seems  Levi has in fact pulled

his head out of his buttt 

and broken up with the now bristly Bristol who has told him she hates him, according. Along with saying that Levi gets limited time with his child, Mecede also claims that Bristol lied ot Fox News, dropped out of nursing accreditation classes and isn’t working. Oh and Gov GILF is too busy to help with the baby.

So what is Alaska’s Frost Lady up these days?  Well she wasn’t too busy to issue a statement. Meghan Stapleton, a spokeswoman for the Palin family, says Levi sees the baby whenever he wants and so does his family.

And later this month Gov GILF will using her Sarah PAC fund for travel so she can she’ll be travel the country to support those who share her vision–and be the special guest at an event that bills itself as "World’s Largest Right to Life Banquet" in Evansville, Indiana where Michael Steele is the keynote speaker. Youbetcha at $34.90 a ticket, the wingnuts’ll be enjoying a fine meal of..oh never mind, it boggles the brain.

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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