shhhh.thumbnail.JPGThe national media has been exercised lately over whether or not some Somali immigrants may have gone back to their homeland or to the Middle East and become suicide bombers. They don’t seem quite as interested in putting this story on America’s evening news (h/t Inky99):

Trust fund millionaire James G. Cummings, an American Nazi sympathizer from Maine who was slain by his wife Amber in December, allegedly had the radioactive components necessary to construct a "dirty bomb," a newly released threat analysis report states.


"According to an FBI field intelligence report from the Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center posted online by WikiLeaks, an organization that posts leaked documents, an investigation into the case revealed that radioactive materials were removed from Cummings’ home after his shooting death on Dec. 9," reported the Bangor Daily News.

Unless you live in Maine, like our regular commenter KayInMaine, you likely haven’t heard about this until now. That’s because the national establishment media, especially TV and radio, still the media most Americans turn to, hasn’t touched this story. Just like they didn’t touch the story of the Noonday, Texas, husband and wife team that made and shipped terror supplies, including suitcase, pipe and cyanide bombs and bombmaking materials, to right-wing militia groups across the country. Or most of the other sixty-odd known serious right-wing terror incidents from 1995 to 2005 alone.

So what stories will they touch?

Well, they’ll freak out on the evening news about an idiot who at one point thought he could take out the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch. Or a half-dozen dirt-poor homeless guys who an FBI informant led into a bogus plot to blow up the Sears Tower.

But they won’t freak out about a violent bomb-happy American Nazi guy whose trust fund income was $10 million a year, ample enough to fund his quest for radioactive material and other charming goodies. Nor will anyone in the national TradMed ask about all the people who helped him in his quest to build dirty bombs.

Gee, I wonder why?

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman