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‘Man in the Shower’ says eye witness Mary Ann Ondray er I mean Mary Ann Andree, I mean Mary ann, oh

Have hate and no way to express?
“We have a speical today on the ever popular 'shower' method.” According to Mary Ann Jane Doe of the 'Concerned Citizens of whatever' “We have refined the shower method allowing the creation of an extremly dangerous precedents by getting close friends (or club members and even husbands) to cross dress, commit crimes by invading the opposite sex's most personal space while they are most vulnerable.”

“Apparently success was achieved in our last effort” according to Whatever Jane Doe, “Not only can someone claim at some point that this was a only 'test' of a law, but it gives credence to potential criminals that this behaviour is permissible hopefully perpetuating violence and validating our incredibly outrageous claims.”

“It's a win win for us haters” says Mary Ann Whatever Dope “We can lobby against human rights laws while actually promoting hate crimes and violence against woman and children!”

“Its all for a just cause. Our cause. Hate and Bigotry.” says Doe Jane Whatever, “Now here is the kicker. You can even change the names of the perpetrators and continue to highlight this event as 'Evidence' of the dangers of enacting human rights laws and our husbands, clubmembers and good ole buddies can walk away, scott free in full view of law enforcement.”

'Concerned Citizens for somethin or another' did not return latter calls regarding possible 'Testing' of federal perjury laws.

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