So, I was going through my e-mails this morning and a friend sent me a link to this from Raw Story. They were reporting on a story from Roll Call (sorry, I don’t have a subscription to Roll Call), on our old pal Senator "Diaper Dave" Vitter. Seems that:

After missing a flight last Thursday from Washington to New Orleans,
Louisiana Sen. David Vitter opened an armed security door and went off on a United Airlines employee, according to a report filed Wednesday by (paid-restricted) Roll Call.

The door sounded a security alarm.

Vitter had arrived at the gate for a flight from Dulles Airport, only to find that the door had been closed twenty minutes prior to departure.

Now I can sympathize a bit with his response. I’ve gotten to the gate for connecting flights as the door was being closed and been told I could not board. That is fairly irritating when you can see the plane sitting there for another ten minutes before leaving the gate (although not as irritating as getting to the gate 10 minutes before the scheduled gate close and be told the flight had left fifteen minutes earlier – 25 minutes ahead of schedule – and that has happened to me).

But the thing I find most interesting is that this story is just now getting out, a week later. Now compare this to the reactions to then Representative Cynthia McKinney and her confrontation with a Capital police officer. The same day the confrontation happened, it was all over the news, with multiple follow-ups in the NY Times: Capital Police Seek Arrest Warrant for Congresswoman, New Maneuvers by Lawmakers Over a Colleague’s Altercation, After Accusing Police of Racism, Congresswoman Apologizes and so on.

Now, I am not going to excuse Rep. McKinney’s actions but I can understand them. She was one of 435 members of the US House of Representatives and made a logical deduction that she would be recognized by the Capital Police while entering the Capital. A reasonable assumption for most folks, especially if, like she, they had been in office for the last two years (plus 3 earlier terms before).

What I do wonder about is where all the news reports of this confrontation are? Where’s all the righteous outrage from folks like Michelle Malkin and all the other right wing blogs and news organizations? Fox News had multiple follow-ups on McKinney and nada on Diaper Dave.

So here we are. Banner headlines for the black woman representative who has a confrontation when entering the building she worked in and had worked in for at least 8 of the previous 10 years. *Crickets* for the white male senator who has a confrontation with an airline employee at Dulles Airport, in public, because he couldn’t get on a plane.

Yep, 9/11 changed everything all right.

Double standard much?



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