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Ben Nelson isn’t the Employee Free Choice Problem–Mike Johanns is

There’s a rather misleading headline over at the Huffington Post:

Ben Nelson Opposes Employee Free Choice Act

"I’m not in favor of the bill as it — I haven’t seen exactly what was put in, but if what was put in is the same as it’s been described, I’m not in support of that," he said.

Yeah, except nobody cares whether Nelson supports the bill or not–as Markos explained this morning, Dems Don’t Need 60 Votes–what people care about is whether he’ll vote for cloture:

Nelson was asked by a reporter if he would vote for cloture even if he ended up eventually voting against the bill. But Nelson wouldn’t commit to such support.

"We’ll have to see whether there’s adequate debate. There are a lot of questions that remain about what the process is long before we have to make a decision about the cloture vote," he said.

According to Steny Hoyer, the underlying bill will be the exact same bill on which Nelson voted for cloture the last time around. So he hasn’t said anything he hasn’t been saying all along, and if he votes for cloture again and opposes the bill when it gets to the floor, it’ll be just fine. Good Ben. Hysteria levels need to ratchet down several notches.

I’d be a lot more worried if I was NAM or the Chamber, who were blasted by Nelson for running deceptive attack ads against him earlier in the year.  He concluded, "These folks shot themselves in the foot.  While aiming."

Meanwhile, what about Mike Johanns, who got money from unions representing the firefighters, teachers, rural letter carriers, active & retired federal employees, plumbers and pipefitters, painters, laborers, air traffic controllers and electrical worker? He was happy to take the money of working people for the important task of getting himself elected, and now he wants to screw them on Employee Free Choice.

He also joined in the Republican stunt to oppose the stimulus bill that is bringing over $380 million to the state of Nebraska. Anyone receiving unemployment benefits, or anyone who cares about traffic signals working. . . or potholes being filled. . . or Nebraskans having jobs to provide for themselves and their families as times get tough owes no thanks to Mike Johanns.

If you’re from Nebraska and you’d like to write a letter to the editor in your local paper, letting them know that Mike Johanns is not really interested in helping working people in Nebraska get through tough economic times, you can do it here. But so far, Ben Nelson is doing what he needs to do.

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