Whither Joe the Plumber Not Plumber Campaign Prop Journalist Failed Author Litigant? Staying "politically active":

MILWAUKEE – Joe the Plumber was in Wisconsin this weekend as part of a meeting of some of the state’s conservative leaders.

Dressed in his trademark work clothes and boots, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher gave a speech at the "Defending the American Dream Summit" at Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee on Saturday. He urged the estimated 800 people in attendance to remain politically active.

The meeting served as a rallying point for a Republican party that suffered big losses in the last two election cycles. For the first time in 23 years, Democrats have control of the state’s Legislature and governor’s office.

The message of the conference was made emphatically clear. A 7-foot tall, 48-foot long sign read, "No New Taxes."

Next stop: refereeing dwarf wrestling on the county fair circuit which is, unsurprisingly, a lateral career move from appearing at CPAC.



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