“Tony don’t belong no more!”

For some inexplicable reason, Joe the Plumber addressed a crowd of 800 intelligence- and logic-challenged people today in Wisconsin.  Always the avant garde, trendsetting Limbaugh fan, the Illiquid Plumber took a well-worn (and borderline racist?) swipe at the henpecked chair of the beleaguered RNC.

“Unfortunately we have a chairman up there who wants to redefine conservatism; he wants to make it hip hop, put it in a new package and sell it,” Wurzelbacher said, knocking Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele, whose recent statements, including a dismissive comment about talk show host Rush Limbaugh that he’s since apologized for, have drawn the ire of some conservatives. 

Hey, daddy-o, it’s switchblades and Chuck Taylors down by the Hudson. And it sounds like Newt Gingrich, playing Steele’s "Action Boy", don’t want no stinkin’ war council:

Newt Gingrich became the highest profile Republican yet to push back against Rush Limbaugh, saying on "Meet the Press" that it’s "irrational" to hope for the President of the United States to fail.

"You’ve got to want the president to succeed," said the former House Speaker. "You’re irrational if you don’t want the president to succeed. Because if he doesn’t succeed the country doesn’t succeed… I don’t think anyone should want the president of the United States to fail.

Oooh, knife in the belly!  So let me ask youse guys this: Who gets to play Officer Krupke?



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