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Harvard B-school Prof: Utahans are online pervs

Original story from the Salt Lake Tribune here



Utah, the reddest of the red-light states, where Internet porn is not just a dalliance, it’s a way of life. Or so a Harvard Business School professor, who published a study in the Journal of Economic Perspectives , would have you believe.

According to Benjamin Edelman, broadband Internet users in religious conservative states subscribe to on-line porn sites in disproportionate numbers, and Utah leads the nation with 5.47 subscribers per thousand. Since there aren’t even 5.47 liberals per thousand living here, that means, it means … Oh my heck! How could this be?

My best guess is that a garbled message was received from on high. It was supposed to say “Thou shalt pour no spirituous liquors or hot beverages,” but the big guy got cut off.

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