Well, you knew it had to happen. The GOP has finally downsized the four-letter word.

I started thinking about this today, driving around in the pre-blizzard on black ice, tuning in local [Fargo] talk radio for the latest road reports. A caller diverted from the topic of the local Blues giving their execs beaucoup big salary increases to repeat a FOX LIE that Veep Biden and the AFL-CIO kept the press out of a speech he gave them.

Never mind that FOX itself already debunked its own LIE. But then you can’t really call it debunking if they keep on repeating it, now can you?

FOX has taken on a new meta-strategy. RAP. Oh, not the Michael Steele kinda rap. Well not exactly.

The FOX RAP is Roger’s Anti-American Propaganda. ’cause make no mistake, Roger and Rush and the rest of the rogues have all decided to declare a war of words on President Obama and his policy changes and initiatives to restore some semblance of democracy and balance to the United States of America.

So the predicate for every sentence uttered from the GOP and the wired-in lapdog media who recite their spin as fact is this simple three-letter word: LIE.

They have no goal, they have no plan. They just have the BIG LIE.

For instance, they talk about "class warfare" and the poor against the rich. Except it’s become the rich vs. the rest of us.

I’ve got something to say in return to these media thugs and bullies and their toadies. On this snowy eve of a blizzard day, I like to think young Ralphie from Gene Shepherd’s Christmas Story would have found this works better than "fudge":


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