In the post-apocalyptic future, after the world had been consumed by the Great Limbaugh On-Line Flame Deluge,  a band of survivors picking through the burned-out rubble of a cottage discovered a small device with Amaz-nKin–e inscribed on the its faceplate. While turning and rotating the device, a small switch was hit and the machine  made a grinding noise as the screen  slowly flickered to life. On the cracked and barely legible screen they read:

I offer that disclaimer because what seems to have gotten lost in the late unpleasantness between those who have supported Mr Limbaugh for his comments, offered in response to a specifc (and leading) prompt about the trajectory of an Obama presidency (with supporters having been called, alternately, “cultists,” “denialists,” “extremists,” or “idealists,” depending on who is doing the describing) and those who have been more critical of Mr Limbaugh for what they argue was either the provocative nature of his formulation or the lack of precision with which it was delivered, is the reason why any of this is at all important to begin with: namely, because where you stand on the issue provides insight into how you think language works — or should work — something that, protestations by a few prominent right wing pundits to the contrary, is not only not trivial or “fundamentally unserious” but is in fact crucial, I’d argue, to any understanding of how and why the conservative movement finds itself out in the political wilderness.

After much discussion, and with a instinctive understanding of the purpose of the device, they immediately put it to work by slamming it down upon a rather large but not particularly spry cockroach. The resulting pulp, called "bugbutter", was be found to be quite nutritious and mankind was saved. 

No one would ever speak again of the wanker who wrote upon the Holy Bug Smoosher; blessed be Its devine Smooshiness.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....