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Texas Board of Education Chairman Believes Earth is Less Than 10,000 Years Old, Could Influence Your Kids’ Textbooks

mcleroy.jpgThis state is so awesome.

McLeroy [an avowed creationist] is among board members who want the standards to require a more critical approach to the teaching of evolution. It’s a theory that McLeroy, 62, believes lacks the empirical data required to be taught without discussion of its particular insufficiencies.

In addition to asking teachers to engage Texas students in a discussion of how gaps in the fossil record might undermine the notion of common ancestry, McLeroy says he will ask board members to adopt a curriculum standard that would ask students to explain how the complexity of cells does or does not support the idea of natural selection, an explanation of how organisms evolve.

Let’s take a look at McLeroy’s insufficiencies. His website advocates everything from abstinence-only to intelligent design and the guy’s a dentist — not a biologist (and surprise! — a Republican). The fact that this flat-earther’s got any say at all in what goes into my kids’ science books really pisses me off.

So why should you care?

Whatever the board decides will have a large impact across the country given Texas’ ability, because of its size, to influence what is printed in textbooks. The board is expected to make a final decision on the science curriculum March 27.

Not so funny.

You can tell the Texas Education Agency (TEA) what you think of McLeroy’s extremist views here.

Texas Freedom Network has some dossiers on the crazies currently on the Board as well as a petition to stand up for science.

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