Our favorite Brooklyn Badboy amps himself up for a TV appearance and comes through like he always does:

"Wing Wang Wong".


Remember when Michelle Malkin donned her little Hot Topic Mao hat and pitched a snit?


That would be Mattera wearing the mandanna, yo.

But I can’t leave without thinking back to my favorite Mattera Moment:

In 2004, Mattera appeared on CNN to promote a whites-only scholarship in protest of affirmative action. Mattera complained to anchor Daryn Kagan about scholarships “just for students of color.” He said, "There’s a group of students on campus, a large group of students on campus who are handicapped and they’re at a disadvantage. And they’re at a disadvantage because of their Caucasian descent."

But later in the same interview, Mattera admitted that he had taken a scholarship from the Hispanic College Fund, a fund restricted to minorities. When Kagan asked why, if he was so offended by scholarships based on race, he had not given the money back, Mattera answered, “Well, Hispanic is not a race. Hispanic is — you can’t tell me what color Hispanic is. It’s white, blank, Indian, Asian, Hispanic. It’s not a race-based scholarship.”

Young America’s Foundation can’t get this guy on TV enough for me.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....