Some young folks I know are involved with this effort. (better late than never)

What if buying a pair of shoes could change a village? Provide health care? Educate a community? Protect against terrorism? Save a child’s life?


First we invest tens of thousands of dollars into Iraqi mountain villages in the purchase of these shoes (Klash).

Then we give away all the profits from the sale of Klash (which are hand-dyed, hand-spun, and hand-knit by Kurdish families @ 40 hours/pair) and we invest that profit into heart surgeries for poor Arab and Kurdish kids that are dying from lack of government interest in their well-being.

Therefore your purchase has the potential to upgrade entire villages, provide health care to the poor, and – through our Followthrough program – address the ideological strongholds that make Iraq such fertile ground for future terrorists. Socially responsible consumerism and old-fashioned charity is the only way to stay the course in Iraq as we should. One without the other simply doesn’t add up.



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