Obama Could Fix Our Problems

If Obama would have came out on day one and said I propose a go to the moon type program to get off of foreign oil in two years. I want all of businesses and the Government to come together to make this happen. We could have already started to see things turning up.
It could be done using existing fuels that just need to be ramped up in production and the infrastructure for them built. Ethanol and natural gas along with other things could be used. The infrastructure to use them the vehicles and conversions to use them could all go on at the same time.
The Country needs something that it could work and strive for to get us back on our feet. The Government would have to put up some money but the private sector if they saw it was a good investment by it actually going forth would glady jump on the band wagon.
It would take drilling and production of natural gas and pipelines filler heads at fuel stations for the gas. The oil companies could be involved so it’s not like they are being cut out. Companies could build and install all the equipment needed for it.
The ethanol would need the refineries and infrastucture for it but also a call for the crops to be grown to produce it from. There are millions of acres of land in all fifty states that could be growing crops to produce ethanol from. Ethanol can be made from cane corn sugar beets and any crop with large quantities of sugars or starches in it.
Not only could it be done but it should be done because it would create millions upon millions of good paying and nonexportable jobs and put the countries businesses and people to work. It would be good for global warming and the planet. It would save the billions upon billions we pay for foreign oil and put that money into our economy. The technology we make work for us we could export creating more jobs.
The Automakers wouldn’t have to come up with smaller cars or more fuel effcient but just change fuels. Conversion kits for existing cars could become a big business. Most cars can run on these fuels so don’t listen to the people who say it can’t be done.
This simple thing could remake America and it’s future but it would take a leader to get it going and pressure on the congress to get behind it. There is nothing better and faster to fix the jobs problem the housing problem the banking problem the wall street problem the national debt problem along with all the rest of our problems. Health care and all the other things that are talked to be done require being paid for what better way than a booming economy with money flowing to every hand and the Governments coiffeurs. That debt that is being placed on the nations children and future generations could get paid off instead of passed on.
Anybody that would be against this would be a true fool because there are no good excuses for not doing it. Our use of the foreign oil props up Countries like Iran and is hurting us in many ways. Our oil companies would still need to supply all the oil for other things it’s used for and with a bustling economy they would have all the busness they need.
What’s keeping us from doing this? Advisors Staffers economists and smart people who think they know it all and think it can’t be done. They have the ear of the new president and the congress so no one can get a chance to make the case. We won’t admit it but we should know that not one member of congress has the smarts to think this is a good idea and can be done. The pompose fools we elect and keep re-electing are our problem. The people won’t take the time and effort to put pressure on their elected officials and just lets them do as they please. So the country is falling apart our economy is tanking people are suffering and we set back like it’s a movie watching it all happen. We keep hoping the same congress and businesses that caused the problems will fix them.
President Obama can’t even get a suggestion like this because the people around him keep it from him. He’s a good man but will never know to do the right things because of trusted advisors leading him astray.

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