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At what point do people recognize that the religious debate over gay marriage is the dumbest controversy in American history? At times, it seems like they are intentionally validating Bill Maher and his latest offering – Religulous.

This from the Harford Courant:

Concerned that the state’s new same-sex marriage law would infringe on religious liberties, the Connecticut Catholic Conference today proposed some broad exemptions which it believes are necessary to protect those rights.

The law does not require Catholic priests — or any other clergy member — to preside over same-sex weddings.

However, the church is seeking additional exemptions. For instance, it wants to ensure that a florist opposed to gay marriage on religious grounds not be forced to sell flowers to a same-sex couple.

The complete story is here.

A reminder that not all domestic Mullahs are evangelicals. I am trying to get my head around the pathology that would lead someone to even think about gay marriage with such detailed intolerance. What form of crackpottery makes people this obsessed over such nonsense given the current condition of the US?




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