hissy-kabuki.thumbnail.jpgOh, oh, ohhhh!  The Senate Republicans, along with drama-queening Democrats Bill Nelson and Bob Menendez (who are apparently looking to grab some time in the spotlight), are holding up the budget bill for fiscal year 2009 — a bill that funds the government through September 30 of calendar year 2009.  Much chest-thumping and manliness is on display — ooooh, we’re gonna show that Obama, aren’t we? — but a closer reading shows that this is all hissy kabuki on the GOP’s part:

Although Republicans were glad to needle the Democrats by delaying the bill, there are reasons not to scuttle it. Doing so would result in a $8.4 million budget cut for Senate Republican committees, forcing staff layoffs.

Also, Republicans, like Democrats, would lose the home-state projects, or earmarks, totaling more than $7 billion in the bill.

Which is of course why the Republicans allowed a stopgap spending bill to go through to keep the government going for another five days so they can do some more hissy kabuki before they actually sign the thing.   The last time they tried to actually shut down the government, it came back to bite them in the ass in the 1996 elections.

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman