Searching for something (anything) to bitch about when it comes to the Obama’s, Andrew Malcolm seizes on Michelle Obama serving food at a homeless shelter in order to point out that some filthy homeless person is taking a picture of the First Lady with a cellphone. Blissfully unaware of cheap disposable cellphones that can be purchased anywhere, Malcolm wonders where the disgusting  parasitic poor have their phone bills delivered. Later Malcolm will review older pictures from the last Republican Depression That FDR Was Responsible For  and wonder why all the poor guys begging for bread were wearing such spiffy suits and nice hats.

Meanwhile, Our Lady of the All-U-Can-Eat Buffet Line, Kathryn Jean Lopez chimes in with:

Robert Rector has been pointing out for longer than I can remember that America has the wealthiest poor people in the world. And here seems to be a photo illustrating that: Michelle Obama was at a homeless shelter. While distributing lunch, one of the men she was serving lunch to took a picture of her on his cell phone. 

I don’t envy this man’s situation, whatever it is, and don’t mean to make light of it. But we are a blessed people when our poor have cell phones. 

Yes, God has truly blessed this great nation of ours with fishes, loaves, and Nokias. And a profoundly obtuse and inexplicably employed punditry.



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