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NY20: The Saga Continues

giuliani.thumbnail.jpgNYS Congressional Special Election 3/31: Keep NY-20 Democratic and make Michael Steele sad. Act Blue is raising funds for Democratic candidate Scott Murphy to hold Sen Gillibrand’s seat. 

Our great and good friend, and my beloved former Mayor, Mr. Giuliani came to campaign for Mr. Tedisco this week, just like he did for twice-elected Sen. Gillibrand’s last two opponents. They have a lot in common, Tedisco and Giuliani. Giuliani doesn’t live in the district either

New York Republican James Tedisco said it shouldn’t matter to voters that he doesn’t live in the 20th Congressional District he is seeking to represent, although he has made an issue of his Democratic opponent’s Missouri roots.

Tedisco’s voting record filed with the state Board of Elections shows his official residence is Glenville, and he confirmed to The Associated Press that he still lives there. Schenectady is where Tedisco grew up, went to college, worked, and where his Assembly district office is located. But Schenectady isn’t in the 20th Congressional District, which extends from Dutchess County in the lower Hudson Valley north to Essex County in the Adirondacks.

As an assemblyman, he has represented part of the 20th Congressional District for more than 25 years. Tedisco married a Saratoga Springs woman last year, and said he now owns a home in the city where he spends some time. "Because I have a house four blocks away from the entrance way to Saratoga (County), but do have a house in Saratoga — I don’t think that’s a valid reason to not pick the best person for the job," Tedisco said when questioned about his residency.*

Mssrs Giuliani and Tedisco actually shut the press out of their last press availability of the day, but they did manage to put across Mr. Giuliani’s signature message in the meetings they did allow coverage of

The men stopped at the Roosevelt Fire Department in Poughkeepsie where they presented a bouquet to Kathy Tegtmeier and her children. Tegtmeier’s husband, Paul, was a Roosevelt fire fighter and died in the twin towers on 9/11.

You may not realize this, but Mr. Giuliani was the mayor of New York when the (noun, verb) 9/11 attacks took place. He doesn’t bring it up much. He did steel himself to mention it at his next appearance

A rally at the Hyde Park Fire Department may have been the biggest stop, but perhaps the most important was a roundtable with Hudson Valley business leaders in Pleasant Valley. 

Rudy Giuliani says he is happy to support Jim Tedisco because Tedisco supported him in rebuilding New York City’s economy before and after the September 11 attacks.

Well, then. Stimulation. When last we met Mr. Tedisco, the Republican candidate for Sen. Gillibrand’s seat, he was refusing to say where he stood on the stimulus package. This week, he continued to refuse to say where he stands on the stimulus package. Happily, his guest, Mr. Giuliani, was less discreet.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Tedisco for a three stop tour in Dutchess County to support the Republican running in the special election to fill the shoes of now Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Specifically, the two met with business leaders and Tedisco voiced concern to them about the unionization card check program and the potential for Empire Zone reform that may hurt them.

Giuliani ripped into leaders in Washington about the recently passed stimulus plan and also taking a few shots at house speaker Nancy Pelosi. He also says Washington should be spending less and cutting more taxes. It’s something he thinks Tedisco can accomplish in D.C.

"We need someone like Jim in Washington who understands the need for fiscal discipline and who really understands the need for the things that are really going to stimulate business," said Giuliani.

Um. OK. So Our Beloved Former Mayor (we kept hearing he was America’s Mayor, and I swear I offered a million times to pay shipping) believes that the economic stimulus package which is returning some federal money to New York (which gets 79¢ back from Washington for every dollar we send) is a Very Bad Thing. Also, he’d like to tell the people of the distressed industrial region Mr. Tedisco is running in that it would be bad if it were easier for them to join unions.

Well, Mr. Tedisco’s new handpicked economic advisory council couldn’t agree more

The Republican candidate for New York’s vacant 20th Congressional District seat has assembled a panel of local business people to advise him on economic issues.

Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco says the group of 40 local business owners will counsel him on ways to create jobs and cut taxes….

A reporter asked Tedisco’s council if it would support the president’s economic stimulus package. One member stepped to the microphone and said no way.

"The foundation of America has always been survival of the fittest and if GM can’t make it, then so be it. Let someone else step up to the plate," Bruce Tanski said.

Mr. Tedisco is right there with them, too

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco/R-20th Congressional District candidate: “We want to do everything we can in this very difficult time to invest in the technology out there – infrastructure, water, sewer, construction – and make sure we’re creating jobs.  That’s what’s going to bring this economy back.”



See, I’m not an economist, nor do I play one on TV, but of that list, infrastructure, water and sewer strike me as things that, um, government pays for. So, call me wacky, but if that’s the spending that’s going to bring this economy back, perhaps it might be useful if government had money to pay for it.

And that may be how Mr. Tedisco thinks too. He says so. But apparently it’s not how he plans to vote. 

Worth thinking about.

In other news, the Independence Party, which has always supported the Republican in NY-20 (as well as Mr. Tedisco in his own district) decided to support his opponent, Mr. Murphy. So did the AFL-CIO. Mr. Tedisco’s campaign has drawn the Chamber of Commerce 

Tedisco’s new ad campaign portrays Murphy as a rich elitist who doesn’t care about jobs

Did I mention that Act Blue is raising funds for Democratic candidate Scott Murphy to hold Sen Gillibrand’s seat?

*What’s very, very odd about this story? It’s from the Associated Press, which has been known to be… reticent about problems with Republican candidates

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