Steve Rosen, who’s trying to derail Amb. Chas Freeman’s chairmanship of the National Intelligence Council, says this about M.J. Rosenberg from the Israel Policy Forum, who’s defended Freeman:

He urges the Obama administration to "ignore Freeman’s rightwing critics. They are the same people who will oppose your efforts to secure Israeli-Palestinian peace." He says that the "only interest" of Jeff Goldberg of the Atlantic in opposing the Freeman nomination, although he is like Rosenberg a fierce AIPAC critic, is "defending the occupation and opposing the peace process." He depicts me as motivated by being a spy for Israel.

Is IPF so eager to see pressure on Israel that they will throw in their lot with a Chas Freeman and attack anyone who opposes him? Senior officials of IPF reportedly are supporting both the substance and tone of Rosenberg’s attacks on Freeman critics, and do not see them as intemperate.

This reads like Rosen reached out to IPF "senior officials" to whine about Rosenberg and they told him they didn’t care about what he had to say. I wonder why that is? Maybe the Israel Policy Forum’s "senior officials" don’t particularly want to see people under indictment for spying  passing classified information to Israel acting like the arbiters of what a healthy U.S.-Israel relationship should look like. I know, I know, this meshuggeneh world!

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman