Hi Blenders!  I have what I hope will become a great idea….I started a blog and made some graphics to have a week long Blogging for the Truth the end of May.

I was inspired by seeing HRC's End The Lies Wall.  Those in the Anti Gay industry have no problem spreading their lies about the LGBTQ comminity and stirring up hate and fear.  The Peter's latest message is nothing but slander.

What my thought was is to get as many bloggers, LGBTQ, Allies and even the major rights groups like HRC, GLAAD, SoulForce and anyone else we can think of to spend as much of the week as they want blogging and writing facts about LGBTQ.  Here is the link:


I will be adding more later today after I get home, LOL (whoops, I am at work…) and emailing all the major rights orgs.

Show the debunked studies these people use, quote the judge in FL who pointed this out, expose Paul Cameron for the quack he is, gather a list of hate crimes, write your own story, show the studies that the most homophopic are afraid because they themselves are aroused by gay porn, what ever.

The only rule is, keep it CIVIL, no name calling, keep a civil tone as we show the truth, let them be the hate mongers, the only ones.  We want to get the truth out to those who just don't bother finding out the facts.  

American's by and large are fair minded if nothing else.  Let's show them the Anti Gay industry for what it is:  Liars and fear mongers.

I am open to ideas for the site as well.  I haven't had much time this semester to write, but I have been reading and keeping up with you all, and I have been encouraged that we are NOT backing down!

All my best,





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