Update: FireDogLake has an interesting post up, entitled “Purpose Driven” Uganda Moving Towards Anti-Gay Legislation, Ex-Gay Movement. The FireDogLake post indirectly ties Pastor Rick Warren to this story.


Warren Throckmorton has a blog entry up on the possibility of forced, conversion therapy for Ugandans who engage in same sex relations. It’s coming out of Uganda’s strange, ex-gay conference.

This is incredibly disturbing stuff.

From the source, Ultimate Media article for Dr. Throckmorton’s piece (links added):

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has today told a conference organized to discuss the ways to fight Homosexuality that he will soon submit a bill on pornography and homosexuality for discussion in Parliament.

The conference that took place at Parliament was organized by Defend the Family International, an organization in the United States of America that was formed to fight homosexuality.

…Buturo says the government will not only end at making laws against homosexuality but will also engage in sensitizing schools and churches in the fight against this vice.

The President of Defend the Family International, Scott Lively says it is good for the government of Uganda to criminalize homosexuality but the government should subject the criminals of homosexuality to a therapy rather than imprisoning them.

Lively says this is aimed at the criminals recovering from homosexuality which is the main objective of those fighting homosexuality and not to punish homosexuals through imprisonment. He says even schools should borrow this idea of therapy in dealing with gay students.

The Pink SwastikaScott Lively, if you weren’t aware, is a past winner of the LaBarbera Award. He co-wrote the book The Pink Swastika, and articles he’s written include Deciphering ‘Gay’ Word-Speak And Language Of Confusion and Countering Corporate Brainwashing: In Praise of “Sexism”.

This is the “Christianity” that’s being exported to Uganda by American Scott Lively. Who knows what form the mandatory therapy that Buturo and Lively are apparently advocating would be designed to function like — especially for the majority of the patients who don’t want “the cure.”

This story to me is absolutely chilling reading. As Dr. Throckmorton states:

Exodus International and the International Healing Foundation must now come out clearly and make a statement condemning this proposal. This is a chilling development and one which must be addressed. The presence of these ex-gay organizations in this environment most likely sends a message to the Ugandan people and government that such forced “therapy” is plausible and humane. Cell phones and other modern forms of communication exist. If I were Alan Chambers and Richard Cohen, I would be on the phone yesterday to insist that their representatives make public statements distancing themselves from Mr. Lively’s views. And they should come home early.

Hear hear.


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Autumn Sandeen