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“Crazy Lady” Bachmann is the gift that keeps on giving

That lady is at it again…if ya can call her a lady, that is.  M. Bachmann has opened her trap again, and guess what?  She once again comes off as a raving lunatic.

From ThinkProgress:

An appearance on local MN right wing talk radio elicited this diatribe:

BACHMANN: If you want to look at economic history over the last 100 years. I call it punctuated equilibrium. If you look at FDR, LBJ, and Barack Obama, this is really the final leap to socialism. … But we all know that we could turn this around and we can turn this around fairly quickly. We’re still a free country.

And as the Democrats are about to institutionalize cartels — that’s what they’re very good at — they’re trying to consolidate power, so we need to do everything we can to thwart them at every turn to make sure that they aren’t able to, for all time, secure a power base that for all time can never be defeated.

 And from our friends at TPM and the pen of Eric Kleefeld:

Said Bachmann: “But what I think we're seeing is an implementation of all of the radical ideas that Bill Ayers and Ward Churchill — the radical ideas that we've seen on some college campuses, they're now being implemented in our government, and they're taking a nefarious route when it looks at the economic recovery.”

Ward Churchill, you might recall, is the radical former college professor who wrote an essay saying the victims of 9/11 had it coming. And Michele Bachmann, a member of Congress, thinks the President of the United States subscribes to Churchill's ideas and is working to enact them into law.

 Please Michele…if only you and Rush “Oxy” Limbaugh can keep talking…

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