You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.
No. No I won’t. Why are you still here?


First off, I was….. this …. close to finally agreeing with McMegan:

Perhaps predictibly, Ayn Rand is making a comeback on the right, with Congressmen handing out her books, and loose talk of rich people "Going Galt". 

I don’t think that we will see a mass exodus of productive people to secret hideouts.

Yes. Absolutely. I couldn’t agree mor— What? You’re not done? Okay…

 I look to Atlas Shrugged more for conveniently totable beach reading than an economic blueprint.

Um. No.

Atlas Shrugged  is twenty pounds of shit in a 1200 page book, which makes it less than desirable or "totable" as beach reading. Not that it doesn’t have its uses at the beach if, say for example, you needed to weigh down a canvas duffel containing the lifeless body of a libertarian who brought up John Galt one time too many and you needed that bag to stay submerged few nautical miles south of the Coronado Islands…but let’s not talk about wish fulfillment.

The natives are getting restless again and are making muttered threats about about going John Galt and we are left to wonder how we will ever get by when the world grinds to a halt because Doug Bandow, Will Wilkinson, and the Ole Perfesser call in to say they won’t be coming into work because they’re feeling kinda "Galtish". Who will fill our "here’s an interesting post by [fill-in your own obscure think tank professional wanker]" void?

As the kids say:  Oh noes!

Or, more accurately: Whatever.

Look. Not all Randian rich (or potentionally rich) people are sociopathic greedy assholes who would sell their parents to a rendering plant if the income was tax free. Only most of them are. But some of them are good people, hard-working people.  Fucking saints, if you were to believe TigerHawk. And all our Marxist IslamoPresident had to do was ask "purty please" and they’d empty out their pockets and live a life of simplicity and righteousness.

But no, he didn’t, and norbizness, commenting over at LG&M, explains their completely reasonable response:

Yeah, if the marginal tax rate on my 250,001th dollar meant I kept 62 cents of it rather than 65 cents (or whatever the increase would be), I would pretty much go apeshit and fire everyone.

I will miss our Don’t Understand the Marginal Tax Rate Overlords. I can only hope my favorite barista makes $249,999 a year or less because 7/11 coffee sucks and my day might come to a grinding halt if it’s not freshly ground.

Atlas will be dragging ass…

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