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Karl Rove Tweets Back

Tweeted @KarlRove: Will Rove honor his congressional subpoena and answer questions about his self-acknowledged role in the Siegelman prosecution?
9:15 PM Feb 28th from web in reply to KarlRove.

Karl Rove tweets back (at about 11:40PM March 3)

Already answered, eh? Even as you knew Congress wanted to ask you more questions. Then this news today:

Breaking: Turdblossom and Harriet to Testify
By: emptywheel Wednesday March 4, 2009 2:38 pm

LooHoo: This is great!! So just the attorney purge? Back later for Siegleman?

Emptywheel: No, both will be included.It was the attorney purge Rove was afraid of. I think he’s got a bit of a firewall on Siegelman (in that he had someone else walk the allegations to PIN or in that someone in PIN is willing to lie for him).

Karl Rove lies like a rug. Now with Twitter he can lie more prolifically. Send him a tweet and ask him to tweet when he’s preparing his congressional testimony (you know the part he neglected to mention that he had not responded to) so we can all ask him more questions. He’s quite a chatty tweeter on Twitter.

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