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Michael Steele’s conciliatory teabagging of Rush Limbaugh goes horribly awry

I’m a bit under the weather tonight with some weird bronchial thing (if you bump into someone in San Diego who sounds like both Barry White and Brenda Vaccaro, offer me a lozenge). So, when you’re kind of worn out, reach for the low hanging fruit.

Which means, of course…RedState.

Here, E Pluribus Unum (and that’s his bolding), works off the Limbaugh contact high he contracted from Eric The RedState:

Monday Michael Steele got taken behind the woodshed by Limbaugh, de-trousered and birched but good. To put it mildly, he had it coming, and I personally enjoyed it. However, if you heard Steele’s ‘apology’ it’s clear he didn’t learn his lesson, and if he does not figure it out very quickly, he will set new records for ‘Least Noticed Person In America’.

So I ask: Hey, anybody else want some? McConnell? Boehner? McCain and the rest of the RMSP party traitors? The gang at Weekly Standard? O’Reilly? Would any more of you high-ranking muckety-mucks in the Republican Party, and self-appointed ‘conservative’ pundits, like to dish (yet again) on conservatives and conservatism?


Rush Limbaugh is a formidable force. Do you know why? Because he says what conservatives believe, and he is extraordinarily articulate, witty, insightful, and yes, courageous. There is a very large portion of Americans that still strongly believe what the Founding Fathers believed, and don’t care much for what Alinsky and Marx believed. You might think Rush (and his 20 million listeners) gauche, obtuse, obvious, unsophisticated, and ignorant.

We’ll stop right here and point out that he probably meant "oblivious" instead of "obvious" which kind of adds to his doltish charm,  don’t you think? 

Sorry. Rant back…on:

That’s OK, because we think you are self-important gas-bag idiots without a lick of common sense, with DC-centric tunnel vision and no idea what real America and real Americans are. When pressed, we can do disdain better than you can too.

Nowadays there are a whole lot of us. We’ve rejected your so-called vision for the party, and we’re finally upset enough to organize and do something about it. Conservatives are taking over the party. You are already seeing the signs. Primaries are coming, too [hello, Arlen!]. Thanks to your lack of vision and courage, the left is one month into a 4-year full frontal assault on the Constitution, on freedom, on the free market, and on everything that made America great, saving America from the left has become the Prime Directive. It’s a war footing now, and you can either lead, follow, or get trampled.

I don’t much care which you do.

I think somebody just earned himself enough RedState Strike Force Berserker bonus points to get those two-for-one Six Flags tickets.

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