If you want to read a scathing attack on the F-22, make sure to check out this piece at DODBuzz, co-written by ret. Air Force Col. Robert Dilger and Pierre Sprey, the only legendary defense reformer ever to be sampled by Kanye West. Perhaps there’s an argument for the F-22 outside of its (dubious) jobs-production engine, but Dilger and Sprey have bombed it into submission. They want:

* A super-maneuverable new air-to-air dogfighter with all–passive electronics, far smaller with far higher maneuvering performance than the best of the F-16s and thus able to outfight the F-22 or any other advanced fighter in the world. (Emitting no radio/radar signals whatsoever, this new fighter will obsolete the F-22’s electronics, defeat any enemy fighter’s passive warning/identification-friend-or-foe system, and render useless the enemy’s radar-homing missiles which rely on seeking our fighter radars.)

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman