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Exhibit A: NC wingnut legislator tries to justify support for marriage amendment at presser

Mark Binker of the Greensboro News & Record recorded in incredibly inarticulate Rep. David Lewis’s ridiculous news conference in support of the hate amendment. He thinks it will “create confusion” about marriage law if it isn’t passed. He said that any deviation from man-woman marriage would have other negative “legal consequences.” He delivers the old saw that the people need to decide this and that this is a “Christian Nation.”  

Mark also gives a good thumbnail of the work of House Speaker Joe Hackney, who has deep-sixed the amendments in committees, noting that Speaker Hackney gave the bill four serial referrals. What does that mean?

Since Hackney took over as Speaker, bills usually get a hearing in two committees. That can be a pretty tall order, particularly at the end of session, when committee time is short. But the idea is that if two committees sign off on something, it’s been given a thorough going over.

On rare occasions, a bill will get three referrals, especially if it has a tax component. The bill to ban smoking, which was written by the House majority leader, may end up with three referrals before it hits the House floor.

Four referrals is just, well, it’s a long road to walk. Even if all the committee chairmen were enthusiastic about passing such a bill, it would take the measure at least a month to clear out of committee were it to move at a quick but normal pace. And since committee chairmen serve at the please of the Speaker, perhaps their enthusiasm for this measure is less than ardent.

And we have to hope that outside pressure on the chairs from the bible-beaters will not be given the time of day, and that the Dems always retain control of the General Assembly. Mark also has a few photos from today’s marriage rally.


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