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Equality California Starts Airing Ad on LGBT History

Equality California has released a 30-second ad that it says it will start airing on television stations around the state to educate Californians about the history of the discrimination against LGBT individuals. Watch the ad here:

My commentary, an overall grade and a full transcript of the ad below the fold… What do you notice is missing? Yup. The words “Gay” or “Lesbian” or “Bisexual” or “Transgendered.” It is narrated by someone who sounds like an African-American male, which is an interesting choice. There's no transcript offered by Equality California but here's my attempt:




And still denied equal rights.

But for every Jerry Falwell, there's a Harvey Milk.

For every voice of hatred, a million voices for change.

Because Equality is our right.

Join the fight.

Overall, I think as the first ad of a statewide group to convince people to join Equality California I think it's a bit weak. If the goal is to inform people that gay people have been historically discriminated against, I think it does a better job but should have actual citations in it. I think the true reason for the ad is to promote Equality California's main piece of legislation for 2009, which is to enact a “Day of Significance” on May 22 as “Harvey Milk Day” in California. It doesn't do a good job of that either. Overall Grade: B-.

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