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America’s “El Loco Caucus”

Note: Originally posted at the Chicano Veterans Organization

America’s "El Loco Caucus"

Yesterday, my good friend from Tucson, Arizona, the Big Man or known in the non-Internet world as Manuel Guzman, brought to my attention, that Sean Hannity is reflective of America’s "El Loco Caucus" and which invariably practices the usual "foot and mouth" disease or for pontificating their patented falsehoods.

As an advocate for the re-establishment of the old Fairness Doctrine, I realize I am in the minority and Liberals are adamantly opposed to any Fairness Doctrine on the premise that it has outlived its usefulness given its wealth and an ever-expanding Internet. In contrast, I argue that radio station owners and television station owners have at a minimum, an obligation to ‘sefl-correct’ the content that they permit over our publicly-owned airwaves.

And in my carefully crafted reality, Chicanos and Native Americans have a ‘need’ to access these airwaves in order to correct and improve these delivery mechanisms, relative to television and radio talk show hosts, otherwise, mainstream media outlets will invariably utilize their "get out of jail" Free Card, at our expense. Consequently, these station owners have been getting a ‘free ride’ at our expense for these many years, and much to my presumptive disgust and impatience.

Take, for example, Sean Hannity has accused the National Council of La Raza of advocating for Mexico’s annexation of the Southwest. In normal circumstances, responding to Hannity is both a waste of time, and in actuality, is not much of a contest when it comes to espousing both credibility and certitude, but with two wars and facing an economic meltdown, requires that I defend Janet Murguia and the NCLR. And thusly, I do so since I am quite familiar with the individual members, the member organizations, and their staff, for all these many years.

And thankfully, Ms. Murguia is quite competent and can defend herself admirably, but she is factually "put-upon" by other political animals situated on the political Right and who continue to foam and slaver at the mouth uncontrollably. And even though she won’t admit to it publicly, our local Sheriff, Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona) has been attempting to render null and void and out of the legal mainstream, Janet’s sister, a federal judge and whom is conducting a court trial that is also hearing the opposing view of the Sheriff for his practicing racial profiling here in Arizona. Thus, racial and ethnic integration continues to present many difficult challenges for Chicanos and Native Americans in this modern era for political engagement and for an active pursuit of an expansive citizenship regimen, also known as immigration reform.

And in this instance, Janet Murguia intelligently and publicly takes on Sean Hannity, given the scope of her letter below and sent to Fox News:

Dear Mr. Moody:

On the February 25, 2009 edition of Hannity, Sean Hannity stated that my organization, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), “has called for Mexico to annex southwestern states.” NCLR is the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States and last year celebrated its 40th anniversary as an American institution.

NCLR has never made the statement and does not support the views Mr. Hannity attributes to us, as even a cursory review of our public statements or website would substantiate. Such conspiracy theories would be silly if they were not so often used to create fear and distrust of all Hispanics living in America. While Mr. Hannity is well within his rights to disagree with the views of our organization, he is not entitled to lie about us. In light of this, we are asking in the strongest terms possible for an immediate on-air correction

And from the above letter, it’s understandable, at least from my perspective, that Sean Hannity has only exacerbated the ongoing relationship between Anglos and Chicanos, as well as Anglos and Native Americans, given that Hannity has no interest in pontificating Truth, in this instance. Consequently, we understand that Hannity will posit his falsehoods in the fond hope of increasing his dollar-share for potential advertising revenues while making Hispanics the skeleton of this opportunity. And which makes him just another political scavenger among the many on the political Right.

Therefore, we, here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, are installing Sean Hannity into America’s "El Loco Caucus".

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